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Went to visit Kate and she is a lovely Polish BBW with rather large boobs. She is very friendly and is able to put one at ease. Went for french and multiple positions with her and had a lovely time. When I left, she gave a nice peck on the cheek and invited me to come back - of which I certainly will.


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Hi Jimmyjohn, thanks for your review.  This sounds like it was a walk-up; is that right?  If you can,  a bit more detail about when you saw her, how much you paid, how she looked and what you got will make your review more useful.  There is no need to do ALL of it by any means, but the the Guide to UKP Review Writing linked at the bottom of this page might give you some ideas.

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Those who want more details on Kate in the meantime might consult my review. (Click on my reviews under my avatar to the left.)