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Author Topic: Lindsey_xxx disappeared :(  (Read 3924 times)


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To be fair, Lindsey disappearing qualifies as "in the public interest" of this forum, given the number of people who have her on their 2016 to fuck list.
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Drama drama drama. I love it. Ya'll are better than a Netflix subscription.
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She still on UKP. Posted on this thread only a few days ago
And for those worried, she also mentioned she won't be taking bookings from USH & Atticus/Sylvester although that's her word you will have to choose to believe or not.

Don't know why people are so worried. It's common knowledge she's travelling so it's not like anyone is missing out on seeing her, and I'm sure if or when she returns back to escorting she will have a profile back up and ready for punters to make bookings.

I'm surprised BBC has not picked up the story. #Lindsey_xxxcomehome #Londoncalling #$$$ #santaforgotmypresenthashtag2015