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Author Topic: RebeccaFox. Is she around?  (Read 739 times)


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Does anyone know if RebeccaFox is back in Brum from Hungary this week? She said that she was returning from Hungary on Mon 24/11, but she seems to have been removed from the Hungarian group Divas AW page and there is no response from her phone. Has she gone indie or just decided to jack it in?

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I noticed her profile is now inactive and was thinking the same thing. I have the 6 ft tall Nikki Parker from the same group on my to-do list, and if I do get round to booking her I will ask the woman who answers all their phones about Rebecca.

Really hope she does return, as if not, from what I've read about Rebecca on here, I've missed out on a great punt.


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Niki is great I saw her a few months ago

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Hi, I'm new on here.

I saw RebeccaFox a couple of times recently. The last time was on 1st November, she told me she was going back to Hungary the next day and that she wasn't coming back. She needed to go back to complete her final term of studying.

She was a really great girl and her English was excellent.


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I did notice that she made an unexpected visit back at around the 1st Nov. I would have paid her a visit, but wasn't in Birmingham that week. Damn, if I'd have known she wasn't coming back might've made the 4 hour round trip.  Good luck to her, lovely girl who I'm sure will be missed by quite a few West Midlands punters. Only saw her a couple of times, but was very much looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with her this week.