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Offline larrybanger

After a fun trip to Exclusive Girlfriends in Woking 2 and a bit weeks ago I thought I would see who else is on the roster.
I have had my eye on Lucy for a while but she is very popular and her availability often does not suit my diary.
The stars aligned on Friday morning, which meant I could get her for 30minutes. £100

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Make no mistake she is very sexy, mid to late 40’s, has been in the games for years and years! She has been with EG for 14 years.
Great body, toned, great rack of fake breasts but not bolt ons. She has had them for ages and they look and feel great.

Parked nearby and made my way up to the apartment, nice and comfortable place. Had the room with an ensuite which has huge mirrors on the cupboards which give the best view! Door opened and she was exactly what I expected. As this was a 30 minute appointment, there was little messing about. Tokens handed over and she got me some water.

We got straight to it, I got undressed and so did she, we stood together and had some proper dfk. Really passionate kissing. My hands cupped her ample breasts and i gave her nipples a lick (first appreciative noise from her). Back to kissing, while my hand made its way down to her smooth pussy. Very wet and warm, she stroked my cock while we did this.
She then lay back on the bed and we kissed some more. I slowly made my way down to her beautiful pussy, I tongued her clit (another positive murmur) I slide a finger in and proceeded to pleasure her. It was smooth and tasty! She loved it! I then got her on all 4s and did my thumb gspot trick while I fed her my cock from the side. Great bj technique - warm, wet and deep.

She then told me to get on by back and proceed with more owo. Lots of focus on the shaft and balls, was dreamy. Her legs were to the side as she was kneeling so I could still stroke her wet snatch. As my cock went deeper with each stroke, I pulled her legs over for some 69. This is where it picked up even more.
I tongued her clit and sucked on it, while the BJ went deeper still, just short of deepthroat. She began to grind more and more and her hips were jerking with pleasure. We did this for a couple of minutes, till I had the urge to fuck. She climbed off and reached for a condom, I asked if she had cum and said she was very close and she said she had to ride me.
She lowered herself onto my cock, her pussy was lovely and tight. The moment she was on I could see she was close, she made an audible moan. Then she  slowly fucked my now rock hard cock and then she came like thunder! She was jerking all over the place and panting it was fabulous and went on for ages. She slowed down and we proceed to push on in cowgirl, the view from mirrors was something else!! Her pussy kept pulsing while she rode me and then I said let’s cum and she rode hard till I had an amazing orgasm. It was a lovely intense fuck!,
She climbed off and flopped on the bed next to me explaining - she really did not expect that first thing in the morning.

She cleaned me up, I had a shower, bit of chit chat and left.
Another great fuck at EG. I am looking to work my way through their roster. Lucy is definitely a banker and I would definitely return!!

Offline Surrey1974

Thanks for the review as sounds great. Keep meaning to try this agency. I see you have been with Melissa as well. Who would you say is better with service? Also, looks, body, breasts etc? 

Offline larrybanger

There is about a 10 year age gap between the 2 and their looks are completely different.
Melissa is more gfe and Lucy was definitely a bit wilder.
Boobs similar size but Lucy’s were clearly fake.
Melissa is also much shorter and more petite.

Each have their strengths - if you want petite gfe then probably Melissa- she does get into it though! But if you want a really good fuck, then Lucy is your girl! I had a great time with both, but Lucy tips it with huge orgasm and is more experienced.