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Author Topic: Lahore Punt - December 2021  (Read 1245 times)

Visiting Pakistan after many years I was hoping to find a brothel or some independent escorts. Scouring the web and social media I was not having much luck with most pimps saying the girls will only visit 3-5 star hotels

Came across one sketchy profile online far Hareem advertising as an independent escort working out of DHA Phase 4. There were random pics with faces covered on the site .. but ad desperate was my plight I sent her a message on WhatsApp. She responded after a few days asking who i was and where did I get her details …

Age: 23 maybe
Profession: medical student
Number: +92 321 4199108
Location: housing society next to DHA Phase 3/4

Having finally spoken on the phone and confirmed that I had read her site and her terms and conditions …. We agreed the time end she game me some vague address details ..

No anal
No Cum in Mouth
Rs 12,000 for cum once, 1hr
Rs 30,000 for night

The girl sounded young on the phone so took a chance, fully ready to walk go she was not decent. Got directions when closer to get house, parked up and told front gate was open. Walked in to the house …

The Girl:
Was greeted by Hareem who stood in the TV lounge, very slim figure, young, and very attractive .. at this point I thought this was just great … was shown into the bedroom . Paid up and and was told to relax and she was back in a few moments. Brief chit chat and then she came and laid down next to me on the next cuddling .

The Punt:
We soon stated to kisss , was reminded no anal or CIM. The kissing was gentle but not withheld .. and became more involved .. gentle biting and touches .

Clothes slowly came off, all the while kissing never stopped . As she disrobed , her perfect slim figure exposed .. and not an inch of fat on her . Perfect perky breasts that I started to suck on to find the nipples instantly harden .

She opened her legs, almost as if to invite me to have a taste .. perfect, neat and clean pussy .. and I was game. I had my head in between her legs for the next 10 mins .. and she was very responsive, more than once. No objections to be fingered .. and took it well and enjoyed it .. loved how she held my head and pulled my hair as I felt her pussy being thrust into my face ..

As she lay flat , sat over her face to get some OWO.. it was OK .. I think this is the only part that was just ok.

We moved into missionary for while, then doggy .. she then sat at top of me .. he breast in my mouth and gently teasing my cock with her pussy .. this then turned into her riding me hard .. it sounded just as great as it felt .. she rode me to completion .. and she lay a top and kissed me ..

Overall an excellent experience, great hygiene and I visited her twice in my last 4 days in Pakistan .. wish I had found her sooner ..

She is a family person ie lives with mother and brother so no pictures anywhere .. but she is very attractive ..


Offline Wozel

Excellent review. Would you say the pictures on the site were of her? Also did she come across educated as she says on her site that she’s a medical student. Have to say you’ve got guts going into a house like that. I don’t think I would have balls to do that, however after reading your review I might just take the chance . Cheers

The pics are defo not her .

She came across as educated and can speak decent English too.

Could you give us some insights on the protection situation. Did you have to bring your own condoms or a were they provided?

In terms of safety and getting caught what would you say are the risks?

On the first occasion she did ask if I brought my own condoms. I didn’t .. but she had some and there seemed to be some reluctance to use her own stock …

On the 2nd occasion I took my own just in case , and used my own .

In terms of safety .. it seemed fine . It’s a residential area people
Coming and going is not very uncommon.. I have been before and they have been better in terms of security guards outside, someone to open and close gate etc .. but this was pretty casual .. front gate left open for the punter

thanks for the review, sounds lovely. I might ping her a text as might be down in Lahore in March.