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Escorts Scotland
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This is an agency that stopped doing incalls last year around Nov. They have started doing incalls from what they call a "new luxury apartment"  Well I had the misfortune to visit recently and the whole set up is disgusting. I remarked to the girl that the room was disgusting and she replied that we were in the best one, I did see the others when I went for a shower and as she stated they were crawling (the rooms)

The bathroom was filthy with a shower head that just dribbles, no shower gel, two hand towels were available to dry myself.

No lampshades, the walls, carpet and skirting boards have dirty outlines where the old furniture have been removed. The lady stated she didnt like taking her heels off and having to walk on the carpet. The ladies are bringing in their own bedding for a shift to ensure they are touching something reasonably clean. The matress was paper thin and I could feel the metal mesh supports underneath.

Its in a location quite far out of town with no access to the subway. The flat door opens onto a shared landing, no doubt the neighbors will click on soon enough with the repeated slamming of doors and fastening of bolts and chains. There is no lift for "a modern luxurious apartment" and its a fair few flights up.

This agency used to be quite good even though they pulled all their Pnet Frs when they got a few Neg reviews. Their on site ones cant be trusted. The owners son used to answer the phones and promote his favourites, he even managed to persuade a girl to retire and move in with him and work on the phones. At least she knew what she was talking about.

They have had 6 months to get a decent flat in Glasgow and what they have now got is a dive that leaves you crawling and your skin itching. They have a set up in Edinburgh also so I dont know if I should chance it. It would be great if someone has the owners ear to explain all these problems or for them to come on here and explain what if anything is being done to make it better. I think the ladies are too scared to complain.   

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Which girl did you see?