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Adriana - Sandys Superstars
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Girls Name: Adriana                                                      Place: SS Prestwich
Date: 31/01/12
Price: £ 60                                                                    Duration: 30 mins
Description: brunette who is nicely stacked with lush lips & as a good body & long legs on her but what hasn’t been said in her previous reports
well I had been in SS the previous day so took the chance to make the booking as BT have complaint about the Manchester exchange lighting up like a xmas tree the days certain girls are on a SS

Well we got TWLR Downstairs room. So I popped off for a shower & she followed & entered the room as I was drying, She greeted be with some DFK & maintained eye contact as hands wandered down & we moved on to the bed with & maintained this & with a quick massage & chat OWO was agreed on, Well here name has been mentioned prior in other threads & yes she can DT the little fella, but this was mixture of lots of licking of the balls & shaft then some very good deep owo for some considerable time & she then came up for some more DKK then went south again for what I thought was more owo, & she then moved up to mount cow girl, Well

BO-Yaker, I tell ya now, dis girl is good, cause as she went to mount me like a rodeo bull I slide ma hand down the saddle to find I had already been Las hoowed

I mean I never felt her using her mouth to apply the condom & seen as I don’t, but the little fella gets stage fright when he sees a condom this was a sligh way to do it
Well she was on & away we went trying various positions cowgirl, mish & so on the returned to owo,
Was told to give her notice if I didn’t want to Cum in her mouth,
Well I opted for COB & painted those nice bullet type erect brown nipples, not quiet a cappachino but it was coffee time
Cleaned up & left (well ordered to get out, {note to self: Must take batteries out of intercom next time})

Specialties: See the list on the site but Anal & CIM are on the menu 

Comments: very eager to please & dirty in the room & as some great skills
Recommend: Yes
See again: Well I think I would like to but it’s getting in as she appears to be a popular little one

Also Adriana if you read this you said something to me & I must tell you I think “I’m the fucking man for that Job”