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Kinkster - Independent (Manchester)
« on: July 25, 2011, 02:06:55 am »
Name: Kinkster


Date of Visit: 23/07/2011

Time: 12:45pm – 2:15pm

Basic Price: £150

Extras Cost: All services inclusive in the price.

Description of lady:

Kinkster is a fun loving tall size 10 raven haired brunette with a nice figure which she shows off to good effect.

I arrived at the apartment which was clean tidy and had a great shower/bathroom to find that Kinkster had taken customer service to another level and was dressed up and sporting a blonde wig that she had specifically gone out and brought for the occasion. It was a great bit of fun and set the tone for a fab punt. Poor girl didn’t realise that I thought the wig looked ace and so she kept it on for a good hour! See blonde is definitely best!

The session began in a fun way, the ease, friendliness and ‘down to earthiness’ of her nature combined with the naughtiness of her service was a definite winner. We started with a good sloppy owo bj with lots of ball sucking and good technique. This moved into a sort of 69ing session where we both mutually pleasured each other and I got busy prodding and probing. Then Kinkster demanded to be fucked up the bum.

We started our first sex session and I worked hard to keep up a good rhythm. This went on for quite some time until we swapped over to carry on with Kinkster on her back. It was a lot of fun but I was running out of a bit of energy, Kinkster sensed this and we moved back to some mutual oral, with her good technique once again. We also indulging in some mutual rimming and she was ace at licking my balls.

The session then moved onto a good hard normal sex session. This time Sex on top, but we couldn’t quite find the right angles to suit both of us so a little bit of miss and then a long hard doggy fucking session.  This went on for a good long time, Kinks seemed to enjoy the session and I was on the brink several times but managed to clam myself down with thoughts of bathroom tiling schemes and the like. It must be said Kinkster looked great in the blonde wig and had managed to keep it on for a good hour even though it was getting quite steamy. We both naturally were running out of steam again with a mini break Kinkster to the chance to change out of the wig and go back to be a raven haired lady.

The final session started with a resumption of excellent oral from Kinkster and then onto a long hard anal session but this time with a vibe in her pussy at the same time. I built up quite a rhythm and after a good while I was ready to finish so Kinks came back to provide oral/ball sucking/rimming once more and as  I crouched over her, I shot my load down her chest over her tits as she sucked my balls.

To finish we took a shower together cleaning each other up while having a chat and sizing up the shower unit. Time was up, it had be an excellent and stamina sapping session with a friendly and adventurous girl.

Would I recommend: Yes

Would I return: Yes
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Re: Kinkster - Independent (Manchester)
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Saturday 31st August 11:00am to 12:30pm.

So I finally got to visit the legendary Kinkster - her reputation on the Manchester punting scene precedes her and, based on my experience, quite justifiably so. She only does incalls two days a week & I'm in the Manchester area only sporadically, so coordinating a meeting has been difficult for me, but I finally succeeded in doing so, and enjoyed a 90 minute incall with her a couple of days ago. The venue is a clean modern flat in a low-rise block in Whitefield, 2 minutes drive from the M60 & easy to find with plenty of free parking. Kinkster greeted me wearing heels and a figure-hugging red mini-dress. Photos on the profile are accurate & representative. She has a cute, cheeky prettiness about her, & a "Carry On" film-style naughty smile which she seemed to wear practically throughout my whole time with her. Her figure is a very sexy, well-proportioned & genuine size 10; small & attractive pert boobs with marvellous excitable bullet-like nipples, a lovely firm, cute arse & long, slim legs...

After 5 minutes or so of getting-to-know-each-other chit chat, we adjourned to the bedroom. Lying on the bed, FK and mutual fondling & kissing of each other's body was followed by my moving onto some protracted RO, with a pillow strategically positioned in the small of her back, invitingly raising her pelvis slightly for ease of access. Then onto some superb OWO, before condom on and sex in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and then some particularly enjoyable & lengthy fucking in her own rather unusual, crouching, doggy position, which allows for a good deep penetration. After some more shagging with Kinkster lying on her front, we broke off temporarily to indulge in another extended session of RO, whilst she expertly played with my cock. Back to some more extended and highly enjoyable fucking, this time in missionary, interspersed with some legs up-&-over (she really does like deep penetration shagging). I am not normally a particular fan of dirty-talk during sex, primarily because when most WGs do it, it just comes across as fake & a bit shit. Not so with Kinkster who clearly seemed to be enjoying herself, and her filthy vocal encouragement delivered in an earthy Mancunian accent was a surprisingly welcome & horny accompaniment.  I'd originally planned to indulge in a little anal, but in the end I was enjoying myself so much simply fucking her, that I lost track of the time and there was barely ten minutes left on the clock when I finally popped... 

Some natural and easy post-coital chat (including about UKP - she is a very long-standing member & occasional contributor here), rounded off an excellent punt, one of the most enjoyable I've had. No clock-watching whatsoever (we over-ran slightly), Kinkster is a consummate professional, and is likeable & bright, chatty & fun as well as very sexy and a terrific high-energy fuck (best to have your three shredded wheat before visiting her). At £130 for the 90 minutes she's fantastic VFM, and highly recommended...

Re: Kinkster - Independent (Manchester)
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Nice reviews about Kinkster, guys. She's been on the shag-list for many years, but her being a smoker makes it a non starter.  :cry:

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Re: Kinkster - Independent (Manchester)
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Just shows what a horses for courses business this is. Visited last year after having her on my to see list for yonks and was very disappointed.I think it was the matter of factness of the service and the incessant talking bollocks that was the main off-putter for me.Plus her body does not live up to the carefully selected pics. Sorry guys.


Re: Kinkster - Independent (Manchester)
« Reply #4 on: September 21, 2013, 12:31:20 pm »
Girls Name:  Kinkster
Place: IN call
Date:  05/03/13 early morning   
Price: Punterchat Comp                                    Duration: 90+ mins

Description: Tall slim brunette who was wearing a little black dress & nowt else with pert nipples & lower shaven area 
Also see Adult work: 

Service: Started as soon as the door opened with kissing & the offer of a drink or shower I was shown to a bed room with en suite shower etc, So a quick rinse down & dry & was greated by a similar site to this as I returned to the bed room with the instruction if get your cock in my mouth, So the rest of the time flew by with us chatting catching up, 

Well the BJ was good & nice & sloppy prior to the wellie put on sex in Doggie & missionary with more owo in between positions before completion was achieved in mouth.
We then had a play with some of her toys for a while why I recovered for another BJ but were the effort was there I was suffering from the day before so an assisted shower & a chat over a coffee before I was swiftly evicted so she could get someone in who was up to the job

Specialties: Everything look at the AW link & I have always said this girl is value for money & this time was no exception ;)

Comments: Well she has worked at the top Manc Parlours over the years & in the world of the independents so the fact she is still busy
All in all a good service from a true professional

Recommend: Yes & it is worth pursuing to get a booking but expect her to be running late as I was going to say not a clock watcher but I think the truth is she just can’t tell the time
See again: Yes it is more making arrangement when I am staying over in the area

Re: Kinkster - Independent (Manchester)
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I wouldn't start a thread on Kinkster because I wouldn't know whether to make it Positive or Negative.

I crossed her off my list a year or so ago now; it was a satisfactory experience, physically; but, because I arrived about 10-15 minutes early, she started the clock from then and took a call while I was there from the bloke who was going to fill the vacancy I was leaving.  So I felt pressured to leave early.  Talk about feeling on a Production Line!!

While, as I say, it was a satisfactory experience, physically; I won't be going back any time soon.  :(

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Re: Kinkster - Independent (Manchester)
« Reply #6 on: November 15, 2013, 01:35:22 am »
Just shows what a horses for courses business this is. Visited last year after having her on my to see list for yonks and was very disappointed.I think it was the matter of factness of the service and the incessant talking bollocks that was the main off-putter for me.Plus her body does not live up to the carefully selected pics. Sorry guys.


I saw her recently and my view is reflected exactly by the original Jays words.

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Re: Kinkster - Independent (Manchester)
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Thanks Jayjay....I thought I was on my own on this one.