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Bambi - La Maison, Bury
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In the past Three weeks, I have visited Bambi at La Maison -
Cost £50 x 30 mins

A very rushed punt which was over within 15 mins - she was very busy and the session was more like a conveyer belt style of in and out.
Her OWO was included in the price and it was a frantic porn star type with spitting, slurping & deep throat all the way down - it was however, too fast for my liking and I didn't request that she slow down because I actually wanted to experience this porn star (Logan Montoya style) BJ.
I have labelled as negative because there was no interaction between us and Bambi didn't instigate this in any way. She seemed to me, tired and rushed at the same time. Although I enjoyed the BJ, when I reflected on the experience afterwards, I may have been better off with a 15 mins service........
Penetration didn't take place because I shot my bolt too soon (my fault on this occasion)
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