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Northern Angels
« on: December 17, 2010, 09:04:49 pm »

Any opinions or recommendations for Northern Angels agency?

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Re: Northern Angels
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My experience, admittedly many years ago, would be to avoid them with a bargepole.
I have seen about 5 girls from this lot who claim not to be an agency but are. They ranged between fairly crap and sheer crap.
They had a website and maybe still do, which doesn't allow any ratings of less than 10 out of 10. What is the fucking point of having a rating system under such circumstances?
When I queried this I was banned from their site.
They used to have an alleged punter called Cornishman who reported every paid sex encounter as though it was a great love affair.
From what I could gather - mainly from one who let me down - their prostitutes preferred longer appointments  such as over nighters, that way they could make more money!

Re: Northern Angels
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2010, 12:12:58 am »
Never heard it referred to as an agency before, it is and always has been a UK escort directory for indies.

There used to be loads for the NE but now down to 2

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Re: Northern Angels
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I was under the impression it was simple a paid-for directory, and was considering advertising with them but seems they aren't very good at responding to emails. Quite a few well known independents can be found listed on there.

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Re: Northern Angels
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Not sure how true it is, but I once saw one of the ladies off there,
she told me the guy who runs it, insists he takes the profile photo's, and likes to sample the goods,

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Re: Northern Angels
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Two quite famous ex- sandys superstars girls have profiles on there. I'm aware from another site that both are happy to be linked with thier new names.

Liberty is now known as Rebecca on Northern Angels and is a bit of a legend in the Manchester scene.

Paige is now known as Sasha or Sasha James and was really beautiful and got published in playboy/hustler. her service suited some but not others as she could be a bit cold at times. she likes to be raunchy and filthy though!

so to top quailty girls there, I'm nit sure what the others are like. £170 is a bit pricy for me. especially when I've seen them at sandys for £60 for the 1/2 hour.

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Re: Northern Angels
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It's an escort directory.
Paid membership is required for agencies and independents to advertise. They handle their own bookings.
Paid membership is also required to read the reviews, view the picture galleries and access the chat-room and message board.
No negative reviews and the ones published do not contain explicit details or mention sexual services. Many reviews are suspicious.
The pictures are low resolution and over-enhanced. The message board is over-moderated to remove anything 'rude' but full of touting and pointless banter.
The escorts prefer to call themselves 'angels' and their clients as 'dates'.

To put it more succinctly, as I've already suggested, it's hypocritical rubbish.